The Institute of Veterinary Education &

Advanced Technology (iVEAT)

This Institute is run by Dr. Taka Miyabayashi, a veterinarian who is certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology. He has spent 24 years in USA and board certified in 1991. He has an active veterinary license in the State of Wisconsin. He received a PhD degree from University of California, Davis, and taught at University of Wisconsin, The Ohio State University, University of Illinois, and University of Florida prior to his return to Japan.

If you have any communication problems with your veterinarian in Japan, please call us. I would like to help the veterinarian to communicate well with you and lead them to reach a definitive diagnosis prior to expensive treatment.


Our Mission Statement

  The goal of this Institute is to contribute to improvement in veterinary diagnostic imaging and veterinary education. In recent years, clients demand a high level clinical service as provided in human medicine. To satisfy this demand, the facilities at veterinary hospitals at universities have been modernized. Yet, in the field of veterinary diagnostic imaging, it is difficult to teach an enough level of veterinary radiology in the universities simply due to a shortage of appropriate faculty members. This problem extends into an improper level of referral system at the university veterinary hospitals.

  At this Institute, to improve veterinary diagnostic imaging in Japan, we will work hard to offer,

(1) telemedicine service by a diplomate of American College of Veterinary Radiology,

(2) advanced diagnostic imaging services such as abdominal ultrasonography,

(3) continuing education semiars to veterinarians and veterinary technicians,

(4) assistance in veterinary radiology education at veterinary colleges,

(5) veterinary radiology resident training program,

(6) assistance in building specialty practices in Japan.

These activities will target not only Japanese but Asian veterinarians, and we will develop international cooperations. In addition, we will seek grants from government and private sectors to further enrich knowledge in veterinary diagnostic imaging.

We promise to work hard to accomplish these goals, and through these activitis, to help our companion animals and their clients.


Lateral view of the stifle joint

iVEAT Fukuoka Veterinary Specialty Practice

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Phone: 090-5932-1560

From abroad: Phone: +81-940-51-1038